Monday, March 29, 2010

Nuthin' doin

Not much to report right now. I missed a potentially beautiful day on the ocean a week and a half ago because of a muscle strain. Since then, Lady Pacific has been doing what she does. Which is produce enormous waves. We hit the coast yesterday to go clamming, and had some time before low tide. So we went to Pacific City to watch the waves. Yesterday the surf was around 18 feet at about a 20 second interval. Waves were breaking near the haystack rock. Which is close to a quarter mile off shore. Waves breaking in water that is over 40' deep. So not exactly kayak fishing weather. And evidently I can't read a tide chart anymore, as we missed the low tide that I thought we were after by two days. Oh well, out of practice.

I've been wanting to get out on the river to go after chinook, but of course I have had an abdominal mscle pull that has made it kind of difficult to even think about lifting a boat. Now that has pretty much healed, and March has decided to go out like a lion. I think that all of the rain that we normally get in the winter is coming down right now. What that means, kayak wise, is that the flow of the river is going to pretty high, and probably a little too much to safely fish frm a kayak in. It really isn't the rain or the high flow that is deterring me, but the likelihood of a washed out tree coming after me, or a negligent boater.

I really hope to have some awesome pics of a spring chinook by the end of this week.

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